Cherry Vape

The Cloud Chaser Acrylic

The jewelry for your mod just got better!

The Port Chaser Delrin

Do you chase clouds?

The Cloud Chaser Delrin

The Cherry Vape Cloud Chaser, featuring our original friction fit design and the biggest hole on the market!

Stainless Steel Cloud Chaser

Introducing Cherry Vape's Stainless Steel Cloud Chaser featuring the biggest hole on the market (because cloud chasers love big holes!)

The Mini Universal

NEW! "The Mini Universal"
Genuine Cherry Vape, made of either Black or White DuPont™ Delrin®
For people who LOVE the universal, but want a more discreet size.

The West Chaser Delrin

The latest in our friction-fit design, the new West Chaser, featuring the biggest hole on the market!

The Cloud Chaser Delrin XL

The Cherry Vape Cloud Chaser XL is bigger then the original.

Stainless Steel Steam Chugger

Introducing Cherry Vape's Steam Chugger stainless steel/delrin hybrid , featuring the biggest drip tip hole on the market!