Mod of Fame

Point Blank

The Point Blank is in stock now!

Horney RDA

ONLY 200 currently in existence! Authentic straight from the Philippines!

Dreadnaut Hybrid

€229,99 €190,07 €139,99
The 26650 hybrid dripper from Tactical Workz. And believe us when we say this thing is a beast and weighs over 500 grams!

Variant Titanium 350W

The Variant Titanium 350 watt in stock now! Free DHL express shipping included.

Kato Mod

After 2 years the Kato mod finally arrives.

Akuma Black Shiny

Authentic Akuma Mechanical Mod version 1.5 by GP Custom

Cherry Bomber

The Cherry Bomber fully mechanical box mod by M.C.V, is now available for Pre-order!
Expected shipping date is 4th week of Januari.

Walnut DNA 200

The Walnut DNA 200 Box Mod by Element Mods asserts itself as one of the most beautifully crafted premiere devices in the DNA 200 segment.

Tres Equis

Triple 18650 mech box by JD Tech.

Magnus box mod

€129,99 €107,43 €79,99
Magnus wooden mechanical box mod Golden Armour Mods

Pyra XS

The Pyra XS by Picolibri is expected 20th of December.

Variant Titanium 250W

Variant Titanium 250 Watt