Laders & Meters

Intellicharger i4

De Nitecore Intellicharger i4 is een universele acculader, geschikt voor het laden van Li-Ion accu's en NiMH / NiCD batterijen.

Intellicharger i2 V2

De Intellicharger i2 V2 is een universele lader, geschikt voor diverse soorten Li-ion en NiMH batterijen.

521 Tab

The Coil Master 521 Tab is a multi-functional device featured as an ohm meter, voltage checker, test-fire and rebuild station, or even an alternative mech mod.

Avatar Intelligent Battery Digicharger Kit

Avatar Intelligent Battery Digicharger Kit is a Universal Smart Charger compatible with nearly all rechargeable batteries on the market, effectively eliminating the need to own individual chargers.

Ohm Meter

Met deze Ohm Meter meet u de weerstand van uw clearomizer en atomizer.


The 3D Printed & Hand made R-CUBE Hybrid Ohmmeter & Voltmeter by The Friday Morning.