Clapton Coils

Pre-made Clapton competition coils

Triple Core Clapton Coils

Pre-made Triple Core Clapton competition coils

Triple Core Caterpillar Clapton Coils

Pre-made Triple Core Caterpillar Clapton competition coils

A1 Kanthal

High quality kanthal wire.

Clapton Wire

Don't have the time to make your own clapton wire or coil? No need to worry with pre-made clapton wire. Consisting of 32awg wrapped around 26awg Kanthal. Clapton coils are well known for the intensity of flavorful vapor they produce.

Hive Coils

Pre-made Hive competition coils

316L Wire

Having trouble finding some reliable wire to build your RTA/RDA/RBA for a great price? Look nowhere else! Coil Master presents Stainless Steel ss 316L wire.

Wire Box

The newly-released product from UD, consisting of six different kinds of wires.

Tiger Coils

Pre-made Tiger competition coils

Caterpillar Clapton Coils

Pre-made Caterpillar Clapton competition coils

Quad Twisted Coils

Pre-made Quad Twisted competition coils

Nicochrome 80 Wire

1* 10 meter Nicochrome 80 Wire