Fiber Freaks Original

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The Fiber Freaks ORIGNAL line is made out of cellulose fibres with some improvements.

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The raw material is a lyocell from wood pulp, made from a non-toxic organic solvent. Transformed under clean conditions free from contaminants, it offers outstanding performance when used in atomizers.

Density 1:

Density 1 is an airy version, the user pulls off some fibres and rolls it in a wick shape before threading it into the coil. By pulling the fibres they will align to offer a better supply of liquid. They are great for high wattage, but can be used for any atomizer

Density 2: 

Density 2 is denser and thicker. It has to be cut in a strip shape with scissors and offers a precise dosage of the wick. Adapted to every type of atomizers, density 2 offers a great strength during the time.

Pre-Cut Wicks:

Fiber Freaks offers now an entirely new way to propose wicking material: the pre-cut wicks. They are made for coil diameters of 2 to 2,5mm and offers an incredible practical way for both beginners and most experienced users. Practical and efficient, they provide a real coiling comfort. With a constant size, they provide the perfect dosage for beginners. They make easier for the user the fact of getting a constant and regular result for the first coiling sessions. For the most experienced users, they are really practical to use in every situation. Changing your wick rapidly or away from home has never been so easy.

The Yarn: 

Before Fiber Freaks was created, the first prototypes were made by hand and we're threaded. It took several months to develop the best industrial manner to make it. Conceived to stay rigid even in the small section size needed to make a coil, the yarn is still airy enough to take away one or more strands without losing its shape. Once placed in the coil, the yarn loose a bit of its twist to supply liquid to the coil along each of its strands. Yarn is made for coil diameters of 2 to 2,5mm. It lasts very long because of its high density. It can also be used as an alternative to silica for users still making their coil directly around the wick.
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