Juice Pack

Big Cheap Bottle Pack

BCB Donut (120ml), BCB Gummies (120ml), BCB Strawberry (120ml)

Sample Box

Liquid Sample Box with value of €100 euro, with random selection from wide range of premium liquids.

Nothing Bundt Pack

Redrum (60ml), White Razz (60ml), Main Squeeze (60ml), Cinnabundt (60ml)

Loaded Duo Pack

Glazed Donuts (120ml), Smores (120ml)

Hustle Pack

Ambition (60ml), Checkmate (60ml), Dreamer (60ml), Payday (60ml), Jackpot (60ml)

Excision Pack

Paradox (60ml), RoboKitty Cream (60ml), X-Rated (60ml)

TaffyMan Pack

TR4 BLU (60ml), K3NANA (60ml), H20 BRY (60ml), B1G APL (60ml), GR8 APE (60ml)

Havoc Pack

Afterschock (180ml), Billions (180ml), Conspiracy (180ml), Tsunami (180ml)

Loaded Full Pack

Glazed Donuts (120ml), Smores (120ml), Cran Apple (120ml)

Numskullz Pack

Beachy (30ml), Brazzy (30ml), Stranana (30ml), Wapple (30ml)

Big Fat Pack

Custaberry (120ml), Fruit Fountain (120ml), Stixx (120ml), Vanilla G (120ml)

Numskullz Full Pack

Beachy (30ml), Brazzy (30ml), Stranana (30ml), Wapple (30ml), Roper (30ml), Hooked (30ml)