Space Cake (50ml) Plus

Space Cake

Tom Pouce (50ml) Plus

Pastry, Vanilla Custard, Pink Icing

Bass Kick (50ml) Plus

Sweet Cherry gummy candy

Moombah (50ml) Plus

Intensely fragrant and flavorful Kiwi, with an addictive sweet taste. Touched up with various red fruits.

Chloe (50ml) Plus

Cantaloupe With Blueberries and a drizzle of Honey.

Megan (50ml) Plus

Mangosteen Chiller Bevarage.

Van Gogh (50ml) Plus

RY4, Hazzlenut, Pistachio, Chocolate

Red Light District (50ml) Plus

Raspberry, Red currant, Blackberry, Strawberry, Whipped Cream, Honey

Scarlett (50ml) Plus

A cool, refreshing peach lemonade.

Drop (50ml) Plus


Aftershock (50ml) Plus

Strawberry cheesecake with cookie crust and a hint of coconut.