Purge Money Shot RDA

The Money Shot RDA by Purge Mods is designed to fit perfectly onto the Purge Mods Slam Piece.

Purge Carnage 1.5 RDA

The iconic Purge deck has been redesigned as the Carnage 1.5 RDA.

Purge Back to Basics V3 Stacked Set Up

The Back to Basics V3 Stacked Set up by Purge Mods is a competition winning mod and is a different animal this time around as it uses the 40a 20700 batteries instead of 18650 batteries. Run in series for 8.4v of Raw power!!

Purge 28mm Skull Cap

The Skull Cap for the Carnage RDA.

Purge Money Shot RDA - Black Ultem

30mm RDA cap utilizing the carnage two post system allows for easy builds with the signature clamp and 3 flat head screws. The cap has a new design which now features an adjustable airflow.

Purge Carnage V1.5 Deck

The two post system allows for easy builds with two large posts and has very large area for cotton wicking and juice filling. The difference between the V1 and the V1.5 is all compatible caps now sit flush at the bottom of the deck.

Purge Enforcer Cap Black

Jazz up your Carnage RDA with the stunning looking Enforcer cap.