Tropica Freeze (30ml) Aroma by Air Factory Frost Series

Air Factory
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Fruit, Menthol

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Get out your coats people, it's about to be a winter storm out here. New York on a freezing winter night has nothing on this chill. Heck, the arctic ocean is just a child to this. Frost Factory E Liquid brings you frozen like you've never experienced before. Even Princess Elsa had to doff her hats for this level of magnificence. Tropic Freeze is the e juice you want to be vaping on a really hot day. When the sun seems to be in the mood to show off, take a puff of this e juice and you'd be good to go. So many e juices make the promises of satisfaction and invigoration but they, almost always, never live up to expectation. Frost Factory sets themselves apart from this mix by delivering to you quality products that are worth the price. The north pole clashes with the arctic tundra in this e juice for a survival of the fittest. What else would you expect from a Tropical Freeze. If you have any doubts about the worth of this flavor, then perhaps, you should place your trust on the OG's at Air Factory E Liquid. There! We said it! Frost Factory comes from the same outstanding minds at Air Factory so you should rest assured that you are already in for a treat. Mint, never tasted as good. One inhale of this and you would be transported to wintery wonderland. It's an amazing place, we promise. You can taste the cold but you don't feel it. On days when you don't have a breath freshener handy, Tropical Freeze could be your very best friend. If you need an e juice that's worth the hassle, don't set your sights too far. Come home to Frost Factory E Liquid. We tried it, we loved it and we're sure you will too. If you loved Air Factory E Liquid  you will absolutely love the frost provided here.

Primary Flavours: Fruit, Menthol
Recommended Mixing Ratio: 15%
Bottles size: 30ml
Bottle Type:  Chubby Gorilla Bottle in Air Factory Box 
Past due date is May 2020!
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