V-One+ Wax Vape Pen Kit

The Xmax V-One+ (Plus) Ceramic Wax Vape Pen Kit from Xvape.
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Vista Mini Vaporizer

XVAPE VISTA MINI is a compact bubbler vaporizer (also known as an Electronic Dab Rig) for your concentrates or oils.
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V-One 2.0 Wax Enail Vaporizer

The new XVAPE V-One 2.0 Kit is.
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Luer Lock Glass Syringe

With the natural rubber stopper, the LTQ Vapor Luer Lock Glass Syringe is a useful glass syringe with sharp needle and 2ml/1ml capacity. Transparent color.
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Wi-Pod Kit

Don’t compromise when it comes to vaping thick-oils. The revolutionary Wi-pod™ empowers you to enjoy a clean and discreet distillate vaping experience, without any of the drawbacks.
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Incendio Full Kit

An all silica glass surface to evenly vaporize your material cleanly and without it touching any metal or contaminants.
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Wi-Pods (2pcs)

Replacement Pods for the WI-Pod Kit.
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Stainless Steel Dab Tool

The LTQ Vapor Stainless Steel Dab Tool is a durable quality and useful tool which is perfect for your wax and dry herb vaporizer. Get it now. A/B/C three types available.
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