Cotton Bacon V2

Cotton Bacon is the first cotton engineered by vapers for vapers.

Kendo Vape Cotton (Gold)

Kendo “Gold Edition” is an improvement over the original Kendo. Gold Edition wicks even faster than the traditional Kendo and comes in a 1 meter long rope that easily pulls apart making your rebuilds quicker and easier.

Native Wicks - Platinum Blend

Native wicks began with a simple idea, create the highest quality, best performing wicking material.

Silica wick (5m)

€3,99 €3,30 €0,99
Goede kwaliteit gedraaid Silica lont van vijf meter. U koopt het beste Silica lont online bij E-wolk.nl.

Jellyfish Cotton

Jellyfish cotton pack has been specifically manufactured for vaping.

Muscle Cotton

The authentic Demon Killer Muscle cotton uses a proprietary purifying process at their states of the art GMP certified facility that removes all impurities, natural oils, and pesticides to ensure that the wick is 100% tasteless

Muji Cotton

100% Japanese Cotton Pads by MUJI Japan

Kendo Vape Cotton (Original)

The most highly respected vape cotton in the world. Kendo Vape Cotton is a dream to work with.

Organic Cotton

Coil Master presents 100% high quality Organic Cotton. Imported all the way from Japan and offers a perfect wick and the cleanest taste. No chemicals, bleach, colorant, or pesticides!

Koh Gen Do cotton

Used as wick in rebuildable E-Cigarette atomizers. 100% Organic Japanese Cotton for Vape enthusiasts. This cotton wicks incredibly well, tastes amazing immediately with no break in period required and is much more durable than traditional medical gra...


Blackwool is a cellulose cotton that is manufactured in Germany.

Native Wicks (Value Pack)

Native Wicks Value Pack with 1 x Pima Blend and 1 x Platinum Blend