Grizzly (DE) 60ml by ANML Unleashed

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ANML Unleashed
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Milk, Chocolate Cookie

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An untamed grizzly is nothing to scoff at and nether is ANML Unleashed. Leaving a trail of destruction in its path there is only one thing that can slow the rampage of this unleashed grizzly and that’s something you never would have guessed…Chocolate cookies with a chilled glass of milk! Bringing you one of the best Chocolate Cookie and milk flavors in the market, you can almost taste the milk dripping off the dipped cookie itself. This exquisite flavor brings the true essence of the classic milk and cookie combo to life with an indulgent mix of cream an chocolate with the smooth and soft.

Primary Flavors: Milk, Chocolate Cookie
VG / PG ratio:  70% VG / 30% PG
Bottle Sizes:  6 x 10ml
Strength:  0mg, 3mg, 6mg
Bottle Type:  6 x plastic squeeze bottle in box

This e-liquid is TPD2 registered and has German label with leaflet. As part of program to meet TPD compliancy, the following tasks have been taken.

- Toxicology assessments
- Emissions testing
- ADME assessment of the nicotine
- Purity and Quality Assessments

This product is only allowed to be sold in Germany!



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