Defiant Designs DS Squonk Mod

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District Five
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Defiant Designs DS squonk device with dual parallel 18650 battery configuration

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Defiant Designs squonk device is available in multiple, beautiful, and vibrant colors made of anodized aluminum! And gold plated copper internals and negative contacts. Definitely a squonk device that you can use all day without having to switch out batteries so often! 

Product Details

 -Anodized aluminum body and components

-Dual or triple parallel 18650 configurations

-Gold plated copper internals & negative contacts

**The positive contact has been updated and now self-centers the companion components

***The negative contacts have been updated to a stronger design while maintaining their polarity protection

-Two 10ml capacity bottles

-Complete set of replacement internal and external Allen screws and O-rings

-Two SS squonk caps and straw's

-Two travel inserts and caps for the bottles

-Two spare magnets

-1.5mm allen driver

-SS key for the negative battery contacts

-Optional firmer spring for the fire button

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