Duke II DNA 18650 Stabwood Ti (104) by Viscious Ant

Vicious Ant
€ 549,99 Incl. btw

Relive the glorious beginnings in this rebirth of a legend. Now with DNA chip!

Niet op voorraad

The Arcane Grasp. Gripped in the palm of a mystic, driven to madness by a craving for the forbidden, this finish is a testament to the downfall of those gripped by insatiable avarice.

27mm x 47mm x 88mm

Vicious Ant’s self-adjusting 510 connection
Single 18650 battery configuration
DNA 75c chipset by Evolv
Stabilized wood body
Titanium frame, top and bottom plate
Matching stabilized wood switch and buttons
Laser-engraved serial number
Stainless steel VA emblem (Brush finish)
Hand polished finish

Silver-plated contact (Positive)
Quick-released battery cap
Adjustable battery cap (Better contact on the battery, if needed)

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