Flowermate Pure Hit V1 Vaporizer

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The PURE HIT V1 by Flowermate is a portable vaporizer for use with both dry materials and concentrates, providing three different heating attachments to fit your preference.

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The dry herb attachment is a ceramic chamber that can reach up to 446F and notifies the user when the set temperature is reached by changing color from brown to red. The ceramic coil-less and quartz triple coil chambers work perfectly for wax, oil, and other fully melting materials. The PURE HIT includes a 26650 battery with an incredible charge capacity of 5000mAH; the unit can also be used with an 18650 battery. The PURE HIT V1 is constructed from stainless steel for maximum durability and the air path is isolated from the electronics to maintain pure, smooth vapor.

Key Features:

  • Water Filtration Mouthpiece
  • Ceramic Dry Herb Chamber
  • Ceramic Coil-Less Wax Chamber
  • Quartz Triple Coil Wax Chamber
  • Fully Isolated Air Path
  • Color Changing Heat Notification
  • Haptic Feedback (Vibration Notification)
  • Switchable Battery - 26650 Included
  • Compatible with 26650 and 18650 Batteries
  • Temperature Range up to 446°F
  • Stainless Steel Construction



1x Water Filtration Tank & Mouthpiece Assembly

1x Coil-less Ceramic Chamber with built-in Atomizer

1x Triple Coil Chamber with Quartz Rods

1x Flowermate Lithium-ion 26650 5000 mAh Battery

1x Loading Cap

1x Color Identity Ceramic Herb Chamber

5x Stainless Steel Chamber Screens

1x Packing Tool and Dabber

1x Cleaning Brush

1x USB Charging Cable

1x Warranty Information Card

1x User Manual

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