Hyppe Plus Disposable 20mg

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The Hyppe Disposable Vape Bars are available in some fantastic flavours and have a satisfying draw with a silky hit of nic salts on the throat.

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This is an excellent option for any vaper that is looking for a new e-cigarette that is very convenient to use. There are no batteries or buttons to deal with and no need to refill!! Simply open the box, remove the stopper and give it puff

Slimline and compact, the Hyppe disposable pod easily fits in your pocket or bag for use when on the go.


  • VIRGINIA TOBACCO - A rich and rustic tobacco flavour with a hint of woody and sweet fragrance. This unique combination makes it a perfect replacement for your tobacco.
  • PINK WATERMELON - Sweet summertime pink watermelon with a blend of ice to give you the full summertime experience. 
  • BANANA ICE Sweet and creamy banana flavour, complimented with ice.
  • ORANGE ICE - A cool blast of citrusy orange zest. A refreshing and sweet juicy orange blended together with hints of ice.
  • COLA ICE - Cola ice is a delightful flavour your palette will never get bored of. Sweet refreshing cola with a gentle touch of ice.
  • MANGO ICE - Tropical taste of mango, softened by cool, smooth ice.
  • HONEYDEW MELON ICE - A ripe and bright sensation of Honeydew Melon paired with ice that hits the spot. 
  • MINT - A delightful blend of fresh mint to give you that cool feeling.
  • LEMON ICE - Freshly squeezed lemons with a hint of mint to cleanse your palette and keep your taste buds refreshed.
  • RED APPLE ICE - A refreshing blend of ripe sweet red apples with notes of ice to keep your taste buds alive.

This product has UK Label and TPD registration!

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Virginia Tobacco €5,99
Honeydrew Melon Ice €5,99
Mango Ice €5,99
Orange Ice €5,99
Cola Ice €5,99
Red Apple Ice €5,99
Lemon Ice €5,99
Banana Ice €5,99
Mint €5,99
Virginia Tobacco (Display Box 10pcs) €54,99
Honeydrew Melon Ice (Display Box 10pcs) €54,99
Mango Ice (Display Box 10pcs) €54,99
Orange Ice (Display Box 10pcs) €54,99
Cola Ice (Display Box 10pcs) €54,99
Red Apple Ice (Display Box 10pcs) €54,99
Lemon Ice (Display Box 10pcs) €54,99
Banana Ice (Display Box 10pcs) €54,99
Mint (Display Box 10pcs) €54,99
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