The Rampage Competition Atomizer by Golden Armour Mods

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The Rampage Competition Atomizer by Golden Armour Mods.

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-Made from food grade 304 Stainless Steel
-2 layers of AFC; Bottom AFC is for flavor while the upper AFC is to produce more vapor
-Total of 5 air holes that can be opened all at the same time
-3 bottom airholes 6 x 1.5mm each
-2 upper air holes 10 x 1.5mm each
-Deep juice well 6.5mm
-"Y" shaped positive block with 3 holes and 3 solid negative poles.
-Built for multiple coil builds
-Has a 15mm "fan shaped" peek insulator embedded in the juice well that also acts as a counter measure to avoid the positive pole from spinning.
-Comes with an umbrella like chamber dome that is threaded into the positive pole to enhance the flavor even if all 5 AH's are open. Also serves as a guide to ensure that the juice will flow directly to the coils. Lastly, it's an anti spitback protection as well.
-23mm outside diameter
-Copper contacts
-Has a total of 7 removable parts (not including positive block)
-With delrin adapter for standard sized drip tips
-With logo engraving and serial number
-Comes with an ultra wide bore Drip tip (15mm) black delrin
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