Spade 21700 DNA75C (Burnt Bronze 39 Door) by Vicous Ant

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Features silver plated connections and the highest standard of quality control! Tons of customization posibilities!

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Burnt Bronze: This variation offers a manlier feel and a more robust overall appeal. It also helps that the added weight offers a punchier punch.

60mm x 26mm x 80mm Height

Vicious Ant’s Self-adjusting 510 Connection
Single 21700 Battery Configuration
DNA75c chipset by Evolv
316 Stainless Steel Battery Cap, Switch & Frame
T7 Aerospace-graded Aluminum Body
Laser-engraved Serial Number
Silver-plated Positive Contacts
Stainless Steel VA Emblem
Utilizes Vicious Ant’s trademark Easy Slide Mechanism, allowing for easy bottle swapping
Cerakoted Finish – Cerakote has a unique ceramic structure and formulation. It is a Polymer-Ceramic coating that enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength & hardness.

1 – Spade DNA75c 21700
2 – Easy Slide Squonk Bottles Black (21mm)
1 – 18650 Battery Adaptor (Silver-plated Positive Contacts)
1 – Key Chain Bottle Holder (21mm)

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