Spade 21700 SX485J (Graphite Black 029) By Vicious Ant

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Vicious Ant
€ 499,99 Incl. btw

The Vicious Ant Spade is equal parts form and function. It’s simple and unassuming finish sports a durable cerakote that is resistant to scratches and doesn’t feel rough in the hands.

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Each VA Spade utilizes Vicious Ants trademark Easy Slide Mechanism, allowing for easy bottle swapping. Along with ease of use and durable finish, this device is powered by the acclaimed SX485j chipset by YiHi.

Graphite Black: Simplicity abounds in this unassuming finish. Do not let its outward pedestrian look deceive you: this finish sports a durable cerakote finish that is resistant to scratches and offers a nice, glossy feel to it.

60mm x 26mm x 80mm Height

Vicious Ant’s Self-adjusting 510 Connection
Single 21700 Battery Configuration
Yihi Sx485j chipsest
316 Stainless Steel Battery Cap and Switch
Joystick Controller
Silver-plated Positive Contacts
T7 Aerospace-graded Aluminum Body
Laser-engraved Serial Number
Stainless Steel VA Emblem
Utilizes Vicious Ant’s trademark Easy Slide Mechanism, allowing for easy bottle swapping
Cerakoted Finish – Cerakote has a unique ceramic structure and formulation. It is a Polymer-Ceramic coating that enhances a number of physical performance properties including abrasion/wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, impact strength & hardness.

1 – Spade 21700 Sx485j
2 – Easy Slide Squonk Bottles Black (21mm)
1 – 18650 Battery Adaptor (Silver-plated Positive Contacts)
1 – Key Chain Bottle Holder (21mm)

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