Strawberry Syrup Pancakes (30ml) Aroma by The Candy Shop

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Strawberry, Syrup, Pancake

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There isn’t anything better than to start off your morning with some good homemade pancakes. Keep thinking about them… Now imagine that your Grandma comes and pours some delicious strawberry syrup on top of them that she has just made. Have your morning baked well!

Primary Flavors:  Strawberry, Syrup, Pancake
Bottle Sizes:  30ml
Bottle Type:  Plastic Squeeze bottle with Unicorn Bottle in Gift Box

Advised dosage for the Concentrate Big Mouth:
  • With a base of 70/30 of PG/VG : 8%
  • With a base of 50/50 of PG/VG : 10%
  • With a base of 30/70 of PG/VG : 12%
  • With a base Full VG : 15%
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