10ml 18mg base (NL)

18mg nicotine base, to be mixed with Plus Liquids

The Drip Co. Pack

Presenting the original Drip Co Certified E-Liquids Sample Pack.

Donkey Kahn (100ml) Plus

Strawberry, Banana, Dragon fruit

Donkey Kahn Ice (100ml) Plus

Strawberry, Banana, Dragon fruit, Menthol

Coffee Edition Plus Pack

Presenting the original Drip Co. Coffee Edition Sample Pack.

Tsunami (100ml) Plus

Guava, Passion Fruit, Orange

Firestorm (100ml) Plus

Strawberry Taffy

The One (100ml) Plus

Donut, Strawberry, Cereal, Milk

Dreamer (100ml) Plus

Blueberry, Raspberry, Cotton Candy

The Man (50ml) Plus

Strawberry Milk

The Prophet (50ml) Plus

Blueberry, Dragonfruit, Guava

Billions (100ml) Plus

Apple Pie