Glazed Donuts (100ml) Plus

Fresh out of the oven doughnuts covered in sweet glaze

Cran Apple

Cranberry, Apple

Cookie Butter (100ml) Plus

Cookies, Peanut Butter

Cran Apple Juice (100ml) Plus

Cranberry and Apple Juice

Melon Milkshake (100ml) Plus

Melon Milkshake

Smores (100ml) Plus

Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Marshmallow, S’more

Apple Fritter (100ml) Plus

Cinnamon, Apple Fritter

Strawberry Jelly Donut (100ml) Plus

Glazed Donut, Strawberry Jelly

Lemon Bar (100ml) Plus

Custard, Dessert, Lemon Bar

Cran Apple Juice Iced (100ml) Plus

Cranberry and Apple Juice with Menthol