Vapor Giant v5 S

The direct successor to the Vapor Giant v4 Mini has triggered by far the biggest hype around a new Vapor Giant atomizer.

Vapor Giant M5

The MTL Edition Vapor Giant Tank.

Vapor Giant Mini v2.5 Mod

The Vapor Giant Mini v2.5 battery mod is made in Austria by the company Niko Vapor.

Vapor Giant 32,5mm v2.5 Mod

Finally the Vapor Giant mod has arrived in Version 2. It's a great device for all, that love 26650 batteries.

Vapor Giant v5 M

The Vapor Giant v5 M is the first ever vaporizer to leave the Austrian premium steamboat manufacturer with a diameter of 25 mm. E-cigarettes and 25 mm diameter atomizers are among the most popular sizes available on the market.