Crisp Apple (30ml) Aroma by Air Factory Frost Series

Air Factory
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Apple, Menthol

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Oh my goodness! You are going to flip your lid when you hear about this amazing vape juice blend that brings together so many different and delicious tastes into one sensational masterpiece. When you taste this, watch out, you might just love it so much that you buy every single one of them that you can possibly get a hold of and throw every other juice that you own right in to the garbage. Fresh, sweet, rich and oh so seductive! Frost Factory made this blend for those of us who enjoy our decadent menthol flavors to be set off by natural fruit. Crisp Apple takes a tart, green apple and covers it with a healthy dose of menthol for a juice that will have all of your needs satisfied in the blink of an eye. We all know how well apples and menthol go together but this blend gives a new adult spin to them that's much more complex and indulgent. Picture taking a couple minutes out of your busy day to sit down, fire up your vaping device and inhale a mouth full of scrumptious fruity flavors that leave you feeling like you have just treated yourself to a gourmet treat. When your mind finally clicks in that you aren't having the real thing you will be left with your jaw on the floor and your heart skipping a beat. You have to let everyone you know in on this wonderful treasure. If you have any doubts about how amazing this e juice taste. Let us assure you that we've tried it and we loved it. Fruit and menthol never ever tasted this good. Frost Factory has proven themselves to be masters in this game, as did their predecessors, Air Factory E Liquid.

Primary Flavours: Apple, Menthol
Recommended Mixing Ratio: 15%
Bottles size: 30ml
Bottle Type:  Chubby Gorilla Bottle in Air Factory Box 
Past due date is May 2020!
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