Melon Lush (30ml) Aroma by Air Factory Original Series

Air Factory
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Watermelon, Honeydew, Melon, Candy

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You know what? There is nothing that matches the amount of sweet satisfaction that you can get from a piece of well-made taffy. This line has got the art of taffy flavor reproduction down pat and is going to give you just as authentic as an experience possible but without the tooth aches. On those days where it seems like nothing will be able to calm down those cravings that are nagging at you non stop, you can feel confident that as soon as you take an inhale from this juice blend, you are going to get that rush of amazing flavor that you desire that is going to leave you completely content with a big smile and a skip in your step. It is such a convenient and guilt free solution that will be able to fit easily into even the busiest of routines and bring so much extra fun into your days. The flavor that is infused into this sweet, rich base will give it just that right amount of freshness and overall balance that will make it into a vaping option that you can enjoy over really long periods of time without getting too overwhelmed. Air Factory E Liquid makes some of the most delectable juice options that are inspired by a popular candy that most of us have fond memories of. They have a knack for creating unique, playful juices that have an outstanding quality and incredibly smooth texture. It really is no wonder why this line is just as popular and beloved as it is. Melon Lush infuses fresh, vibrant watermelons and sweet honeydew melons into a creamy, dreamy taffy mouth that is going to have your mouth watering whenever you think about it.

Primary Flavours: Watermelon, Honeydew, Melon, Candy
Recommended Mixing Ratio: 15%
Bottles size: 30ml
Bottle Type:  Chubby Gorilla Bottle in Air Factory Box 
Past due date is May 2020!
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