Pod Salt Go Disposable 20mg

€ 6,99 Incl. btw

Pod Salt Go is manufactured in the UK by the fantastic team behind Pod Salt Core and Pod Salt Fusions.

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Now we can enjoy Pod Salt on the GO with this fantastic little pod that has been carefully crafted for your convenience and vaping on the move. Providing a high level of satisfaction and nicotine intake enough to calm those cravings wherever you are!

Pod Salt GO comes in seven delicious flavours such as Vanilla, Cigarette, Blue Ice, and more that guarantee to please.

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Grape Ice €6,99 Stock Alert
Mango Ice €6,99
Mixed Berries €6,99 Stock Alert
Orange Ice €6,99 Stock Alert
Pink Lemonade €6,99 Stock Alert
Strawberry Banana €6,99 Stock Alert
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Blue Ice (Display Box 10pcs) €64,99
Cola Lime (Display Box 10pcs) €64,99
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Energy (Display Box 10pcs) €64,99
Fresh Mint (Display Box 10pcs) €64,99
Grape Ice (Display Box 10pcs) €64,99
Mango Ice (Display Box 10pcs) €64,99
Mixed Berries (Display Box 10pcs) €64,99 Stock Alert
Orange Ice (Display Box 10pcs) €64,99
Pink Lemonade (Display Box 10pcs) €64,99
Strawberry Banana (Display Box 10pcs) €64,99
Strawberry Ice (Display Box 10pcs) €64,99 Stock Alert
Watermelon Breeze (Display Box 10pcs) €64,99 Stock Alert
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