420 Booster

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Boost you high to new levels with 420 Booster!

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420 Booster is a 2 oz liquid shot that contains all-natural, vegan ingredients and essential oils. This product is designed to enhance the effects of 420-related products, providing a boost and amplifying your high for a more enjoyable experience. Whether you're a recreational or medicinal user, 420 Booster is a natural and convenient way to enhance your 420 experience.
Blue Raspberry - Boost your high with Blue Razz! This sweet, tangy, and fruity taste 
is the perfect flavor for those who enjoy the bursting taste of blueberries and juicy raspberries.
Sour Apple - Just like taking a bite out of a fresh, sharp, and tangy green apple, 
Amplify your buzz with the juiciest fruit of them all!
Mango - Enhance your effects with our sweet and juicy mango! This tropical flavor is made 
from ripe mangoes which are blended to extract the juice resulting in a 
mouth-watering, tarty taste that will leave you wanting more!
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