Lost Mary QM600 Disposable 20mg (NL)

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Using the latest mesh technology coils, the QM600 disposable vape delivers excellent taste and reliable performance to encapsulate a perfect vaping experience in a unique crystal design.

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The Lost Mary QM600 is a disposable vape kit that is available in 18 delicious flavours . Although the design is different to the original, this new Lost Mary vape still contains 2ml of nic salt designed for mouth to lung vaping. Another new feature of the Lost Mary vape is the mesh coil that enhances the flavour of the e-liquid to create a sweet cloud of vapour with a smooth throat hit. There are no buttons or setting adjustments needed making this Lost Mary vape easy for even new vapers. Once empty, dispose of responsibly and simply replace it with a new one.


  • 550mAh integrated battery
  • Prefilled with 20mg nic salt
  • QUAQ mesh coil technology
  • Up to 600 puffs of vapour


  • Pod capacity - 2ml
  • E-liquid type - Nic salt
  • Nicotine strength - 2.0% (20mg)
  • Total puffs - Up to 600
  • Dimensions - 96.7mm x 28.4mm x 14.2mm
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